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photo of Koolau mountain range
HI Care Therapy logo of an eye with reflections of hands reaching up to the sky as mountains and pupil as sun

HI Care Therapy

In-home low vision rehab services

for kūpuna of Hawai'i

photo of Koolau mountain range with sunrays peaking down through clouds

How it works

Your doctor sends us
  1.  a referral
  2. recent eye report


You get therapy in the comfort of your home

Your therapist will work with you on making everyday tasks easier and safe

Low vision can lead to difficulty with:

Reading and Writing

Personal Care

Cooking and meal prep

Using Computer, Phone, TV

Managing Medications

Managing Finances


Leisure and Social Pursuits

Fall Prevention
AND Transportation

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couple looking at a tablet smiling
two people doing an activity together
photo of content people working together

If vision loss has led you to stop certain activities, we're here to assist. We'll help you use your remaining vision and adopt strategies to make things easier, so that you can keep your independence, be safe, and live well.

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