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HI Care Therapy’s mission is to provide exceptional low vision rehab at home with kūpuna.​ Therapy is a service covered by Medicare / insurance and is provided by a specialty-trained, licensed occupational therapist.

We focus on helping you navigate low vision challenges and changes of aging, ensuring you can continue cherished activities in the comfort of your own home and community.


Our commitment is to collaborate with you, preserving your independence, safety, and well-being.


How can occupational therapy (OT) help with low vision?

Occupational therapy, or OT, is focused on helping you get back to doing everyday activities more easily and safely. OT practitioners work in hospitals, schools, and in the community with people of all ages and conditions. Some specialize in helping people with specific conditions, including those related to vision loss. 

We know that taking care of yourself, others, and your space gets hard and takes longer when you can't see like you used to. You're not alone. With our comprehensive evaluation, we take the time with you to create a treatment plan specific to your needs and hopes,  so that you can get back to living your life.

We help you learn and practice ways to:

  1. Make the most of what you have: We'll figure out ways to help you use your remaining vision, abilities, and resources.

  2. Adjust your space to make it safe and easy: We'll offer options on how you can adjust your space so you can see better, stay safe, and minimize falls.

  3. Use tools to make things easier: We'll explore devices, like magnifiers, lighting, apps, and other tech, that can make tasks simpler. We take the time so you can try, learn, and master new skills you can continue to use.

  4. Find help in your community: We'll see what's available around you to make life easier and to connect with others.

  5. Make activities more enjoyable again: We'll help you do activities you enjoy so you can get back to being you.


Michelle Reed, MS, OTR/L


With a decade of experience working and teaching in hospitals and the community, I've dedicated my career to helping people navigate life's challenges that can come from adjusting to new conditions, loss, and/or disability. I started HI Care Therapy to help people at home live their lives more easily and safely. Beyond work, I cherish moments with family and friends, playing board games, walking dogs, and being active outdoors. 

Education / Experience:

  • University of Alabama-Birmingham

    • Graduate Certificate in Low Vision Rehabilitation (2018)

  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    • Masters in Occupational Therapy (2013)

    • Graduate Certificate in Aging (2013)

  • University of Florida

    • Bachelors of Health Science (2010) magna cum laude

  • Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (2022)

  • Peer Reviewer, Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Journal (2021 - present)

  • Member, Occupational Therapy Association of Hawai'i (2019 - present)

  • Hawai'i OT Representative - American Occupational Therapy Association (2020 - 2023, 2024-present)

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