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What is low vision?

Low vision is when your eyesight doesn't improve with glasses, surgery, or medicine, making daily tasks difficult. Losing vision can be tough, but it doesn't mean giving up on life. We help you manage challenges with skills, tools, and resources for everyday activities at home and in the community.

What diagnoses can lead to low vision?

Common causes include macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Regardless of your condition, if daily activities are hard, therapy can help.

Who pays for low vision rehab services?

We're in-network with Medicare Part B (outpatient). Your insurance may cover these services; we'll check before your visits. Billing falls under Occupational Therapy (OT) services.

If I'm getting other occupational therapy, will my insurance still cover this?

No, Medicare won't cover these services if you're also getting occupational therapy elsewhere, whether at a clinic, home health, hospice, or outpatient.

How long does therapy last?

It varies. Starting with an evaluation, some complete therapy in a few sessions, while others may need 8 or more visits. Each session lasts around 2 hours at your home.

We're here to address any questions or concerns. Reach out here.

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